Monday, February 10, 2014

Home in Coban

Since leaving Xela the last week in January we’ve been on the go renewing our visas in the capital, making several scouting trips to the town of Coban, and have met with old friends, colleagues and co-workers. We’ve been enjoying their hospitality and generosity as we consolidated the household items we’d brought with us, purchased here, or acquired through the generosity of others in the spirit of community and mutual support. Finally we’re putting down roots in Coban. This will be our base of operations for the next phase of our assignment in Guatemala.

Plenty of room for dinner guests!
Originally we thought we would be renting the apartment used by our friends and predecessors in this work. But recently the landlord’s daughter needed a new home and we found ourselves in search of another house or apartment. Our anxiousness was quickly relieved when we learned that people from the church had already been scouting available rentals in the area in search of a location for a base of operations for an exciting project involving a new church development, church school campus, and seminary extension here in Coban. There was a house they had looked at that might be a good fit for us. After looking at it, the location and the layout was almost too good to be true. Shortly after that we made a deal with the landlord and the house was ours.
"Curb appeal" is not a big deal in this part of town
Debbie in front of our street entrance.
Two metal garage-style doors open to the busy major thoroughfare of 3rd Avenue. The house is located behind shops and offices that line the street. The entrance from the street is essentially a private covered alley that serves as a garage (though we don’t have a car). The front door to the house opens to a comfortable living room. Behind the living room are three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen/dining area, and a utility/laundry area. There even is a small back yard with a banana tree, lemon, lime, and papayas growing there. Anyone know how to tell when a papaya is ripe?

Though the accommodations are simple by US
Our Front Door
standards, a spacious, quiet, reasonably secure home in the midst of this city means we are far better off than the vast majority of our neighbors we live among and hope to serve. Extra rooms mean we’re ready for visitors, so let us know when you’re coming! We know we asked for prayers for this time of transition, and though we have more preparations to make as we settle in to life ministry, and service, we want you to know how much we felt the presence and the results of those prayers for us. We are so thankful for those prayers, for the correspondences we receive, and the faithful financial support of us and this mission.

... And a guest bed!
We have a bed!

Blessings to you all, and let us know when you’re coming to visit!

Richard and Debbie

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  1. God knew your needs -- that's for sure!
    It's good to see you both looking so happy.